• Lauren Hoyle

Paramita Video location hunt!

On Friday after work Luke and I set out to find the perfect filming location for the Paramita music video. As we set out on the quest I was completely unaware of the shenanigans that lied ahead...

Luke had researched the locations from a Facebook group called 'Urban Explorers'. The first location was an abandoned warehouse round the back of Latiffs in Digbeth. Looked great from the outside but the trouble was we couldn't find a way in! Luke set off into some bushes as i chained my bike up and called back to me "I've found a way in!" Apprehensively I followed him into the bushes, climbing over oil canisters and petrol cans I met Luke who was crouching down peering into a hole in the wall. We crawled through and followed some planks that had been laid out into an outdoor clearing. Again we were faced with no obvious way in to the warehouse. Luke spotted that the bars in the second floor window had been bent so we climbed up, wriggled our way through the bars and dropped into the warehouse.

Whilst exploring through the huge warehouse for the perfect door to use in the video I glanced at the floor and it was COVERED in needles! I suddenly felt like we were going to meet some people that wouldn't be very happy we were there! It was chilling how many needles there were to be honest! Safe to say that there was no way we'd be able to get an amp through that tiny window we squeezed through and I'm pretty sure it's inhabitants wouldn't have appreciated us blasting out the track all day ha! Luckily the next place we visited was perfect and involved no climbing or needles!

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